Master the No-makeup Trend

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One of my favorite shows of the 90’s was Full House.  I looked forward to the “TGIF” lineup every week.  I wanted to be DJ Tanner so bad.  She had the coolest teenager room and I loved her hair!  (Yes, I know – I’m a dork, but I digress.)  Being around the same age as DJ, I could empathize with much of her teenage drama.  One episode in particular stands out as I write this post.  She was entering junior high and thought the best way to fit in and look cool was to wear makeup…a LOT of makeup.  Needless to say her look was more clown than pretty.  She learned that the best approach to makeup is to look as though you are wearing none at all.  Now I love to try bold looks from time to time, but you just can’t be the classic “no-makeup” look.  Summer time is the perfect time to lighten up your look.  No one wants their face sliding half way off in the middle of a hot, humid day!

     Here are a few of my favorite products to achieve the no-makeup look:

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Starting out with a good foundation is key.  Avon’s Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation combines mattifying powder with featherlight water-based pigments for fresh and natural-looking coverage.


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Defining your brows is one of the most complementary tricks to enhance your face.  It can be a real game changer, especially if your hair is on the lighter side.

Make your eyes pop with a hint of color.  Eyeliner can sometimes be the difference in an awake face or a sleepy face.

Try Glimmersticks Liners for brows, lips & eyes!


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You can’t go wrong with a nude lip.  Avon’s True Color Lipstick comes in shimmer and satin shades.  My favorite?  “Blush Nude” in satin.


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“Polish” off your look with one of 31 shades in the True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel collection.  Try “Rose Quartz” or “Perfectly Flesh” for a perfect summer mani/pedi.



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Friday Focus: Watches

I love watches!  As a kid, I always wanted a Mickey Mouse watch.  There was just something about having that little guy on your wrist.  He was so cute and fun.  I still have my very first Mickey watch.  The face is quite tarnished, the poor band is barely hanging on and it no longer plays “It’s a Small World” as it once did, but I cherish it just the same.

Over the years, my watch tastes have changed.  There was even a period of time when I didn’t wear one.  (What was I thinking!) 

Avon has come to the rescue of my watch fetish.  The variety of choices is so great, you can wear a different one everyday!  Whether you’re going for a more fancy look, or just something casual for everyday, you’re sure to find just the one…or two…or five that will fit the bill.

I’m currently loving this watch.

fox watch

Here are a few more of my faves for spring & summer:

Watch - blog post

One     Two     Three    Four    Five

What’s Bugging You

Weekends around our house are usually filled with chores that weren’t quite finished during the week.  This weekend included mowing the yard.  I generally volunteer for the task.  We use a push mower.  As much as I gripe to myself about having to put forth the effort, I really do love the exercise.  One day of mowing and I’ve well surpassed the 10,000 step goal!  This time of year though, outdoor activities of any kind can be a little less fun thanks to our flying insect friends.  #diemosquitodie

Thankfully, I remembered the Bug Guard!  What’s Bug Guard?  I’m so glad you asked!   It is Avon’s DEET-free line of insect repellents.  With the variety of products in this line, you’re sure to find just the right choice for you and your family.


If you prefer a lotion to a spray, then Bug Guard Plus IR3535 is your choice.  Available in 2 scents, both lotions are water resistant & provide SPF 30 protection.

bug guard 1


Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition comes in a pump or aerosol spray.    Available in SPF 28 or SPF 30, these sprays offer protection from the sun and bugs.  Choose from scented or unscented.

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The strongest repellent in the Bug Guard line, offers Picaridin.  Picaridin is an alternative to DEET.  It has a low odor, with a light, clean feel.   This spray does not have SPF and is not water resistant.  It would be a great choice for a day of hiking in the woods or for that upcoming camping trip.  Those pesky bugs won’t stand a chance!

This item also comes in a handy towelette!

bug guard 3


So wherever your travels take you this summer, be sure to take along Bug Guard!