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Top 4 Aging Complaints (And How to Treat Them!)

We want you to look in the mirror and love what you see, day after day and year after year. But if one of the common age-related complaints below is making that tough for you, help is here! Add one of these key anti-aging skincare products to your regimen to help ensure you age gracefully—and beautifully.

Your skin is sagging.

Over the years, gravity takes a major toll on our skin, leading to sagginess, especially around the jawline. To counteract this downward pull, you could move to the moon—or start using a top-notch firming product. Both Avon ANEW Platinum Day Cream and Night Cream have a patented Paxillium Technology that lifts and firms a sagging jawline, while resculpting the contours of your face for a more youthful look.

You’re dealing with aging and sensitive skin.

Sticking to safe-for-sensitive-skin products can be tough. But it gets infinitely more difficult when you’ve got sensitive skin and you want to treat lines and wrinkles , too, since many anti-agers can be harsh on skin. Enter Avon ANEW Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream. Packed with antioxidants and a unique “smart repair technology,” it reduces years of environmental damage (think lines, wrinkles, and brown spots), while also protecting skin from further assaults. But best of all, it’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and allergy-tested, so it’s safe for sensitive skin.

Your skin looks dull and blah.

When we’re babies, kids, and teens, our skin has a natural radiance thanks to its inherent ability to renew itself . Over time, however, this natural turnover process slows down, leaving dead, dulling cells on the surface. To get your glow back, try Avon ANEW AHA Refining Cream, which contains alpha hydroxy acids that smooth skin, improve texture, and boost radiance. For an added oomph of brightness, incorporate Avon ANEW Vitamin C Brightening Serum into your daily routine as well. Bonus: Because the formulas contains soothing ingredients, they’re gentle enough to use every day. You’ll never have to wonder how to get glowing skin ever again!

You want to tighten up.

As we age, our skin becomes less and less able to produce collagen and elastin (two key components of the skin that help keep it lifted, taut, and flexible). And when collagen and elastin levels plummet, our skin becomes loose and less elastic. To bring back that “tight” feeling in your chin, jawline, jowls, and cheeks, try Avon ANEW Clinical Infinite Lift Targeted Contouring Serum. Its polypeptide lift complex, contains a pharmaceutical-grade skin tightening ingredient, and the built-in roller ball applicator massages the formula into the skin to help it absorb fast.


5 Beauty Resolutions

5 beauty resolutions

Happy New Year!  2018!  Can you believe it??  The start of a new year means all kinds of possibilities.  It’s the chance to start fresh in all aspects of life.  Did you make any resolutions?  How many have you broken already?  If you’re like me, then most of the resolutions fell by the wayside about January 2nd.  🙂    It’s the perfect time to reorganize that skincare and makeup drawer.  Out with the old!  To help kick off 2018 to a terrific start, here a some “beauty” resolutions that are sure to be a lot easier to keep than hitting the gym everyday!


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5



10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lipstick


Lipstick has been a makeup staple of mine for a long time.  Whether it’s bright & bold or natural & soft, my face just doesn’t feel quite right without it.   If you enjoy this timeless cosmetic classic as much as I do, you will enjoy these ten fun lipstick facts that encompass history, business, and the top-selling colors from coast to coast. So sit back, swipe on a bright new shade, and brush up on your lipstick trivia.

1. Think Cleopatra was only into eyeliner? Think again! Back in around 69 to 30 B.C., the infamous queen would tint her lips with a DIY concoction of carmine and henna.

2. In the 1550s, Queen Elizabeth I famously rocked a statement red on her royal lips. But no store-bought shades for her either! Elizabeth reportedly created her signature hue by blending cochineal (an insect used to create reddish dye), gum arabic, egg white, and fig milk.

3. The first Avon lipstick was introduced in 1919, which means we’ve been tinting lips since before women had the right to vote!

4. Avon’s first-ever lipstick came in a metal container and was only offered in two shades: light and dark. (Can you imagine what those turn-of-the-century ladies would think of Avon’s current selection? We’ve got over 150 colors now!)

5. Avon sells a tube of lipstick in the United States every 15 seconds. That adds up to over 6,000 lipsticks sold each day, and 2 million sold every year. In fact, if each tube was a mile long, we could go around the Earth over 500 times!

6. Southern belles have more in common with each other than their accents. Apparently, they love wearing the same bold red lips, too! Here’s how we know: Avon True Color Lipstick in Cherry Jubilee—a deep, rich crimson—is the top-selling shade in North and South Carolina, Tennessee (GO VOLS!), Virginia, Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

7. Red lips aren’t only big in the South. In Hawaii, the top-selling shade is Avon True Color Lipstick in Red Supreme. And although Avon’s celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan is a California native, she gets why Hawaiian women gravitate to this shade—it’s her favorite, too! “Red Supreme is an amazing matte red that gives me that extra oomph of glam,” she says. “It’s bold and makes a statement.”

8. On the coasts, women love a good wine—in the glass and on their lips. Case in point: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Superb Wine is the top-seller in both California and New York.

9. In the midwest, ladies keep it romantic with Avon’s True Color Lipstick in Country Rose. This rosy pink is the top-selling shade in Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota.

10. Turns out, mauves are crowd-pleasers all around. Avon True Color Lipstick in Cozy Mauve is the #1 seller in states as varied as Idaho, Maine, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, Wyoming women like mauve too, only they prefer theirs with a little extra pizzazz—the top-selling shade in Wyoming is the subtly shimmering Sparkling Mauve.

Master the No-makeup Trend

no make up trend 1


One of my favorite shows of the 90’s was Full House.  I looked forward to the “TGIF” lineup every week.  I wanted to be DJ Tanner so bad.  She had the coolest teenager room and I loved her hair!  (Yes, I know – I’m a dork, but I digress.)  Being around the same age as DJ, I could empathize with much of her teenage drama.  One episode in particular stands out as I write this post.  She was entering junior high and thought the best way to fit in and look cool was to wear makeup…a LOT of makeup.  Needless to say her look was more clown than pretty.  She learned that the best approach to makeup is to look as though you are wearing none at all.  Now I love to try bold looks from time to time, but you just can’t be the classic “no-makeup” look.  Summer time is the perfect time to lighten up your look.  No one wants their face sliding half way off in the middle of a hot, humid day!

     Here are a few of my favorite products to achieve the no-makeup look:

no make up trend 2

Starting out with a good foundation is key.  Avon’s Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation combines mattifying powder with featherlight water-based pigments for fresh and natural-looking coverage.


no make up trend 3

Defining your brows is one of the most complementary tricks to enhance your face.  It can be a real game changer, especially if your hair is on the lighter side.

Make your eyes pop with a hint of color.  Eyeliner can sometimes be the difference in an awake face or a sleepy face.

Try Glimmersticks Liners for brows, lips & eyes!


no make up trend 4

You can’t go wrong with a nude lip.  Avon’s True Color Lipstick comes in shimmer and satin shades.  My favorite?  “Blush Nude” in satin.


no make up trend 5

“Polish” off your look with one of 31 shades in the True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel collection.  Try “Rose Quartz” or “Perfectly Flesh” for a perfect summer mani/pedi.



Show me how you rock the no-makeup trend.  Follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter & be sure to tag @Avonsaralay. 

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Friday Focus: Watches

I love watches!  As a kid, I always wanted a Mickey Mouse watch.  There was just something about having that little guy on your wrist.  He was so cute and fun.  I still have my very first Mickey watch.  The face is quite tarnished, the poor band is barely hanging on and it no longer plays “It’s a Small World” as it once did, but I cherish it just the same.

Over the years, my watch tastes have changed.  There was even a period of time when I didn’t wear one.  (What was I thinking!) 

Avon has come to the rescue of my watch fetish.  The variety of choices is so great, you can wear a different one everyday!  Whether you’re going for a more fancy look, or just something casual for everyday, you’re sure to find just the one…or two…or five that will fit the bill.

I’m currently loving this watch.

fox watch

Here are a few more of my faves for spring & summer:

Watch - blog post

One     Two     Three    Four    Five